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Springs Snapshot

Franklin Farm


The section of East Hampton now known as Maidstone Park once included two old farms, Duck Creek Farm and Franklin Farm. Most of what is now called Maidstone Park was Franklin Farms. This land was originally Gardiner property and for a short time was in possession of a man named Franklin, for whom the farm was named. Daniel S. Edwards bought Franklin Farm but died not long after during an epidemic in 1861.

The farm was sold to Issac King who lived there and then sold to John D. Edwards in 1881. The farmhouse was originally a single two-and-a-half story house, built 200 years ago. An addition was moved from Amagansett and set up on the north side, making a double house. The farm was large; at one time between 50 and 60 acres were under cultivation. The Franklin Farmhouse is now scattered about town…beams were used in other houses, paneling, cupboards; and the old fireplace and crane are now in William Quackenbush’s home; and the main part of the house was moved to Pantigo on Montauk Highway and was then owned by Frederick Hurdman.


The south half of the farm is now owned by the Nassau County Federated Girl Scouts and is maintained as a summer camp. Nothing now remains of the big farmhouse or the farm buildings in the original location. Franklin Farm was a large farm stretching from Three Mile Harbor Road down to the water. Part of it is now maintained as “Blue Bay,” a camp that for Nassau County Girl Scouts. Another part formed most of Maidstone Park. The main part of the house, believed to be at least 200 years old, was moved to Franklin Triangle at the corner of Pantigo and Skimhampton Roads. From The Springs by Ferris Talmage

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