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Meet The Author 

Tuesday, May 7th-6pm @ Ashawagh Hall

Featuring Ann Fristoe Stewart
Director and Curator
The Leiber Collection

Please join Leiber Collection Director and Curator,
Ann Fristoe Stewart, as she presents the Life, Love,
and Art of this extraordinary Springs couple!


From left to right:  The Gardens at the Leiber Collection, The Liebers, and  New York Skyline Minaudiere, 1978

Source: images from

Small Works: Stories

Curated by Barbara Thomas


Opening Reception:

Sunday, June 9th 11a-1p

Closing Date: Monday, July 8th


Participating Artists:

Ross Bleckner/ Nadia Block /Maud Bryt/ Kieran Comlon /Peter Dayton/ Idoline Duke/ Alastair Gordon/ Gilllian Gordon/ Dennis Lawrence/ Christa Maiwald/ Pamela Morgan/ Kate Rabinowitz/ Sienna Salamy/ Cindy Sherman/ Stacie Sinder

All art will be on display and for sale during library hours


Art Credit:

Kate Rabinowitz Translucence I-Watercolor

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