Springs Historical Society

The Springs Historical Society was organized in 1975 by a few Springs residents to collect and preserve information and material particularly relevant to the Springs area of East Hampton Town.


Membership is open to anyone wishing to support the organization and its activities.


The Society presents programs on topics related to Springs; collects and preserves documents and photographs from the area and operates the Springs Community Library.


The Society keeps its records in the Ambrose Parsons House which also serves as the Springs Community Library.  The building itself is owned by East Hampton Town.

We are located in the heart of Springs Historic District, by the Blacksmiths shop, Ashawagh Hall and Community Presbyterian Church. The Springs General Store and the Pollock - Krasner House is just a few walk-able minutes away.

A Letter From The Springs Historical Society & Community Library President 

2021 has been a busy year for us at the Springs Historical Society and Community Library!!! 
I'd like to let you (our membership) know just what we've been up to in 2021! 

Due to a storm, the sale tent that we had was damaged and had to be replaced. We thank you for 
the monies that we collected for that purpose. 

As in years past, we gave a financial gift to a graduating student at the Springs School. 
In August, we had our "Arts and Archives" show at Ashawagh Hall which was a big success! We had artwork from 50 Springs artists and Springs archives which included implements, posters, and sale items. Please visit and see the posters now on the walls of the library. Also go upstairs to look through the pictures and news articles to learn more about where we live! In October 2022, we are hoping to have our 2nd Annual Arts and Archives event. More information will be coming about this! 

We are also working with the Town and the Farm Museum to have the Blacksmith's Shop open one 
day a month from April through October! 

Thank you so very much for the book donations! Some are added to the collection, some put into 
the book sale, and some are donated to either the Veterans or the Coast Guard. Please keep in 
mind that the book sale is our constant form of income. A new book now costs about $30 so 
please come and buy books! 

Please keep in mind that it is all volunteers that keep the library open, the rooms clean, the 
archives up to date and in order, and write the newsletter! A big thank you to all of you!!

I'm also thankful for your past generous financial support! Please don't forget us in 2022!!! 

Healthy Happy New Year!
Deanna Tikkanen 

In the news

Tote bags have arrived ! They are now for sale at
the Library for $10 each.

Work is set to begin on the roof and chimney by
Ronald Webb Builders.

 Be sure to stop by and see the archived
Springs Art Posters on display from years past.


We will be hosting a special "Make Your Valentine" Workshop at the Springs Community Library beginning
February 1st. 
Stop in during library hours and make your own homemade Valentine! Supplies will be located at a table in the children's reading room.